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5 Major Add-Ons For WordPress Google Maps

Ads-Ons are the most-special thing, which makes a normal-looking WordPress plugin so special. And WP Maps Pro is the plugin available on a WordPress website, which let a website owner add Google Maps to their website. It is all loaded with amazing, which makes the admin get the best experience of adding a WP MAPS PRO plugin to their website.

Today, here in this post we are going to discuss all those major ads-on, which will help you in giving an excellent look to your WordPress website. If you are a website owner and using the same WP MAPS PRO plugin, the above information is very much useful for you. So, let’s have a look at the information below:

Adding WordPress users on WP Map

When you are an owner of a Google Map, then you may always need to add multiple users to your map. And it becomes quite difficult to add users to your map. Fortunately, it all becomes easier with the help of the WP Maps Pro for a WordPress website. With this, you can easily add users to the map so, that it becomes easier to manage the location.

Search Widget For WP Maps

Let your customer ease in searching for anything on your existing Google map with the help of the search widget option designed for Google Maps. So, when you are running multiple locations, then this option of search widget will be very much beneficial for you. The cost of adding the search widget to your WordPress website will be around $11.

Filter Map Listing By ViewPort

Let your customers find out your location easily with the help of the Zoom in and Zoom out feature available on the WP Maps Pro. The cost of this amazing ad-on for a Google Map is around $11. To know more check out the demo of the ad-on and have more information about it.

Excel to WP Maps

Export or import your existing data to and from your Google map with the help of the excel to Google map feature available on the WP MAPS PRO. It will help you in handling all the data available on your Google Map easier and effortlessly. Exactly like the other ad-on, the cost of this ad-on is around $11.

WP Map skin color

Let your Google map to outstanding with the help of the Google Map skin colors. It will help you in giving an interesting look to your Google map. The cost of the Google map skin color is around $9.


At last, we hope that you have got all the ideas about all those major ad-ons from WP MAPS PRO. So, when you want to give the best experience to your customers with Google maps, then you should miss adding it to your website.

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