How much do you need to pay for a Google Map plugin for your WordPress website?

Though there are many users of the Google Map plugin, still there are a few doubts that everyone face while working on a WordPress Google Map plugin. And one of the major doubts is how much we need to pay to add a Google map plugin to a WordPress website. If you want to have information about it, then you should crack the information below:

The above information is very much beneficial for all those, who are running their WordPress website and want to add the Google Map plugin to their website. So, if you are among those, then you should crack the information below:

Packages that are Available in the Google Map Plugin

Depending upon your requirement, you can choose from the amazing packages available with the Google map plugin. Here is the list of the packages, which are available with the Google map plugin that you should understand when you want to know about the Google Map plugin.

Regular License

The regular license is the basic package for the Google Map plugin and its cost is around $89 the price for it changes from time to time. And its price also varies according to the features which are added to the plugin. The advantages of the regular license package include

Quality check by Envato

Get all the future updates easily with the help of the plugin

Get all the 6-month support from the team of flipper code while you are using the Google map plugin for your WordPress website.

So, when your budget is low or you are running a start-up company, then you can easily opt for the regular license package delivered by the Google Map plugin.

Extended License

As its name describes, this is an extended product that offers all the extraordinary features of the products to its users. Some of the basic features of the product include:

  • It offers one end product
  • Get completely high-end products while you are opting for the extended license product.
  • You can also check out the amazing selection of templates and other designs while choosing an extended license.
  • So, from the above discussion, we believe that you have all cleared with how much you need to pay while you are going to add Google Maps plugin to your WordPress website.