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Google Maps Migration

Site admin can Migrate WP Google Maps Database one WordPress website to another WP website in seconds

Looking to move the WP Google Maps Database from one WordPress website to another? With this WP Maps Pro Migration add-on plugin, you can make this transition quickly and easily. This way, your maps data will be ready for use in no time![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]This addon plugin helps site admins to migrate all the locations, categories, maps, routes and settings created with help of WP MAPS PRO Plugin from one WP website to another with a click. Site admin will need to download the backup file from target site and upload it to the target site. all the maps will be cloned from site A to B in seconds with same settings.

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To meet the needs of our WP Maps Pro users, we’ve created a long-anticipated plugin that enables Google Maps Migration. Our customers gave us their feedback and suggestions to craft a better experience with this plugin!

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