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Filter Map Listing By ViewPort

Filters & displays only visible marker's listing under the map when visitor zoom in / out.

Filter Map Listing By ViewPort is a useful extension for websites, allowing users to easily find desired locations and listings without searching through too many results. Simply zoom in closer to the direction where the target entry would be located, and all relevant information will be displayed within the designated viewport!

Filter map listing by the current viewport allows users to access only those records associated with the markers that are visible in the map area. Once users zoom in or out, or drag the map, the listing below it is automatically updated to reflect this change. Filter map listing by viewport to make sure you’re seeing only the markers that are currently visible on the map. When you zoom in or drag around the map, any markers that become hidden from view will be automatically removed from the listing; conversely, markers that re-appear after zooming out will be displayed again in the list.

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