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All you Need to Know about Google Maps Platform

Whether you are traveling or shopping, you may have access to Google maps to reach the destination. But you may need to be made aware of the inner technology that makes you easily reach a particular business with the help of Google Maps. Today, in this post, we will talk about that technology known as the Google Maps platform. So, let’s understand all the information below

What is Google Maps Platform?

The Google map platform is very beneficial in embedding Google Maps into mobile applications or websites. Google map platform combines an Application programming interface API and a Software development kit (SDK).

Different benefits of the Google Maps platform

Whether a large-scale business or a start-up business, Google map is very beneficial for every type of business. Now, talking about the Google Maps platform is the one that makes users gain all those benefits. Let’s go through all those benefits in detail.

Real-time traffic optimization

In today’s World, we can find multiple logistics service providers and even food delivery partners. They are the ones who benefit considerably from the Google map platform. With it, they can easily find the fastest route, saving their precious time.

Better customer experience

It is very important for a business to deliver the best services. With the help of the Google Maps Platform, it becomes much easier to embed maps, and they can also find out the street view of the business and more information about the business, including hours, phone number, and many more.

Innovative experience

Google map platform is all made along with Tilt and rotation, which offers a better customer experience as they can check out buildings from multiple angles. This will be beneficial in improving their interest.

How to go for Google Maps Platform?

To start along with the Google Map Platform, you have to visit Google Cloud Console, where you have to create a project. Click on get started, which will take you to the setting up of the interactive setup experience.

Learn about billing and ensure it is enabled for your first project. Make sure that your Google Map SDK and Google Map platform API are enabled and take you to the Google Maps API library page.

Check out the API and SDK you want to enable.

If you want to enable it, then click on enable

If you are getting the option to manage, then it means that your API or SDK is already enabled.

Clicking the manage button will take you to the dashboard. While clicking on the disable feature will disable your API or SDK.

So, find out the best WordPress Google Map Plugin that will help you easily add Google map to your website so that you can also gain all its advantages.

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