Frequently Asked Questions!

Please look through it first if you need any information or assistance for the product. Also, feel free to contact us if you did not find the answer to your question.

Can I create a custom marker?

Yes, you can upload your marker image or choose it from ready-made icons.

Do I need to calculate latitude & longitude myself ?

No, Google autosuggest is enabled for the address field, so you just start typing and choose the location you need. Latitude & longitude will be calculated automatically.

How many locations I can assign to the map?

You can assign as many locations as you want to display on Google Maps.

How to display map on page?

Go to ‘Manage Maps’ and copy the shortcode for your map. Every map will have its own shortcode. You just paste it on your page.

Can I display map using widget?

Yes, create your map first and then display it in the sidebar in the widget section.

How to register google maps api key?

Go to Google Maps API console and create it there. We have a guide Important Changes in Google Maps for troubleshooting related to Google Maps API keys.

Do we have Live Demo?

Yes, you can click on Google Maps Pro Live Demo and mail us at hello@flippercode.com for any pre-purchase query.

Do we have a Documentation?

Yes, you can click on WP Google Map Pro Guide and get all documents with user guides and video tutorials.

Do we have offer refund?

Yes, you can get it at any time if the Pro version is not suitable for you.

Do we have offer customization?

Yes, you can mail us your requirements at hello@flippercode.com.

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