Create location using Google Meta box is useful feature. This tutorial is to help you to display your posts or custom posts types on google maps. Just few steps you can display your post map on google maps.

Create location using Google Meta box

Step 1 From the WordPress dashboard go to Posts > Add New.

Step 2 Enter the Title of Your location. Then you can see ‘WP Google Map Pro’ meta box to enter your address details.

Step 3 There will be Following Fields :

  • Enter Location : Enter the Name of your location.Type few words and choose your Address.

How to create a location using Google Meta box method

  • Latitude / Longitude : Latitude & longitude will be automatically calculated when you assign Location Address but you can change them.
  • Choose Marker Categories : Assign a category to your location (optional). You can create categories from Add Marker Category link.

How to create a location using Google Meta box method Wpmapspro plugin

  • Location Redirect : You have three options in ‘Location Redirect’ field.
    Marker To display an info window message on marker click.
    Post To redirect to post on marker click.
    Custom Link To redirect to a custom page on marker click.
  • Select Map : Select your map on which you want to display your post. You can create map from Add Map link.

Add MetaBox Location wpmapspro plugin

and you’re done

Display Post Map wpmapspro plugin

Video Tutorial